Spiritual Energy Healer, Clairvoyant  | St. Petersburg, Tampa FL



“There are times on the Path that we can greatly benefit from assistance from others. In fact, these times are almost always! A true spiritual teacher, guide or healer has the same role- to connect you with conscious awareness to your own inner light so that you may come to realize the spiritual power, authority and beauty that you are in truth is the same spiritual power, authority and beauty you see and honor in them!”
– Alana Fairchild


Sacred Tea Ceremony

Sacred Tea Ceremony is a journey into the Heart. We come together and sit in silence as we connect to the ways of the ancients. Each bowl of tea gently guides us into a meditative softening, an opening to our inner realms. Through this space that Tea creates we are able to listen, to truly hear our Highest Selves. The leaves used in our ceremonies are extremely unique in that they are all organic and come from, wild, old growth trees and plants that are sustainably grown and harvested by farmers who love, respect, and understand the power of this medicine. Living Tea, as it is known in my tradition, has the power to cleanse, purify, ground and heal the Spirit, and when treated as ancient medicine, will guide us to subtle areas within that will be gently healed and processed. Qi is balanced and with each ceremony we are born anew. This is a holistic experience balancing the physical, mental and spiritual bodies with each sit.

Tea found me while I was living abroad in Taiwan in 2014. I had the great fortune of studying with Internationally recognized Tea Master, Wu De, of Global Tea Hut. The practice that has been shared with me has completely changed my life, bringing me to a place of deeper purity, greater connection and powerful inner peace and one that I take refuge in every single day.

Awakening Woman – New and Full Moon Tea Ceremony & Ritual

Awakening Woman is the energy that will hold us for moon ceremonies. Together, as women, we will be exploring more of the magic and power that is within each and everyone of us that is wanting to be expressed! These ceremonies are what I call  ‘playfully powerful’.

We begin each moon ceremony with group breath, anchoring, and meditation. Tea is served, and what happens once the circle is open is dependent on the energetic needs of the group. There may be singing, drumming, dancing, etc. We will be working with the energies of our femininity and our ancestral selves! We will be connecting to that Sacred and Ancient place within us, allowing it to flow and be expressed organically! Ceremony ends with a grounding of the energy, a time for sacred sharing and an opening of the circle!


Intuitive Energetic Clearing/Healing

In an energetic healing session we open the field to Love. Surrounding our selves in the healing energy of Divine Light, Guidance and Wisdom through intuitively guided meditation, we are granted access into the body to clear and move energy with breath, sound, and touch.  Sessions of this nature are great for anyone feeling that they are ready to expand, but are experiencing blocks of stagnation in a certain area(s) of their life, for people experiencing deep grief, stress, or are in a place of uncertainty. Intuitive energy healing is extremely supportive and allows each client to gain a new sense of peace, clarity and levity.

Sessions are completely confidential and offered in the purest of Light.

Sessions can be done in person or on the phone at any time by appointment.

Spiritual Mentoring

Throughout my life I have undergone many profound spiritual awakenings and had the most beautiful of spiritual experiences. It has been in the last seven years, and even more recently that I have made a quantum shift to a Life fully lived in and guided by Spirit. It is my truest honor to intuitively share with women and men on the Path ways in which they can cultivate Self and live in harmony with Spirit.

In these sessions I support you as you transform your life by providing you with practical tools for subtle shifts that will help you move from darkness into the Light of your own heart. Together we will heal though Sacred sessions that are divinely led.

In 2013 I had the honor and blessing to receive certification in Basic DNA Theta Healing with Pam Lord. I incorporate this beautiful and powerful healing technique in all the work that I do.

Yoga & Meditation

I received my RYT-200 in classical Hatha Yoga with the  Akasha Yoga Academy in Thailand during the summer of 2013. I offer customized Hatha and Kundalini classes.  Each kriya focuses on physical asana, pranayama (breathwork) and Mantra. I am available to guide group and individual yoga and meditations, teaching basic meditation techniques, and customizing meditation programs to fit your specific needs.

Ashley teaches group meditation at The Body Electric every Friday from 2-3pm – $5.