Spiritual Energy Healer, Clairvoyant  | St. Petersburg, Tampa FL




"I had no idea what to expect from my healing ceremony with Ashley but I sensed it was needed. Holy cow, what a powerful and beautiful experience. She was able to tap into and release a place deep in my subconscious I had never explored before. The result was a revelation of where I was holding much of my self-doubt and feelings of low self-worth, and actionable exercises to clear it all out. There were tears and there was laughter. I haven't been the same since in the best possible way. If I lived in St. Pete, I'd go back regularly." 

Shannon B.

Founder of A Song A Day + The Process Podcast 


“ Over the past 35+ years ( hate to admit that sometimes) I have been blessed to encounter many healers and several very gifted and powerful healers.  Ashley is one of a handful of powerful and gifted healers. Her presence creates a safe space and the experience that leads to the opening of your heart so that you may then find access to a deeper understanding and knowledge that often gets lost in our day to day busyness or the chaos of our thinking. She blends mystical with practical in a way that expands our experience with deeper insight and application into our daily lives that enhances our ability to move forward and appreciate life to its fullest.  I feel blessed to be in her presence, to know her, and that I will now carry her in my heart forever as a result of her impression on my life."

Elizabeth P. Markie

Founder, WeImagine, Inc, Author Tri Brain ® , Tri Brain Yoga®, Certified Brain based and Brain Health Coach and HeartMath Resilience Trainer.

"A healing session with my dear friend Ashley is absolutely magical. Depending on what you are looking for a tea ceremony or a healing session, both powerful and revealing.

Know for a fact that with Ashley you will be treated with respect and the upmost consideration. The space created is both safe and grounding. The depth of the work is really dependent on how open you are and how deep you seek to go.

My experience with tea ceremony is fairy tale like. Tea in itself was the introduction, the invitation to connect. A connection I didn't realize I had lost. A connection with self, and with Mother. As you sit in solemn silence and dig deep the tea steeps into a delicious liquor. In communion you share bowl after bowl and as you ingest this medicine you are able to go deeper and deeper into areas that call your attention. I have explored the unfamiliar paths that are so intricately part of my essence. I discovered the depths of myself and what surrounds me. I leave the sessions with conviction and a better idea of my calling. There are questions to my answers and answers to my questions. Essentially Tea is the nurturing balm for me to ease the conversation within and without. Each person is different and each experience varies by ones intent, openness and willingness. Tea ceremony is interactive meditation. A subtle flow between consciousness and subconsciousness.

A healing ceremony can include tea ceremony however it is furthermore charged with intent. I didn't know I was ready I was just open and my healing session was 3rd eye altering and Eye opening. It's beauty was unlike anything I experienced in this lifetime but it was the culmination of my experiences to that point. I entered the metaphysical world with the tender and loving guidance of my spiritual guides including the presence of Ashley. The work is not done for you instead everything within that session prepares you to release, to receive. I left feeling truly blessed and forever changed. Reminded of what my soul so desperately yearned to hear and feel. Realizing the support within and surrounding me. A puzzle piece at a time this session has had a major impact and has conduced an adjustment in my life.

If at all your soul is seeking and searching and you have found yourself here... trust it. My sister Ashley is a guide that has shared patience and love an unexpected surprise. These are my humble experiences I hope they help. May spirit guide you to the truth and the light. Blessed Be."




"Before officially opening the doors of Intent Space I knew I wanted to have a Blessing Way Ceremony to bless and honor the physical space as well as honor and bless all who would teach at Intent and all guests who would walk through the doors. 

Ashley crafted and guided the most magical evening; one which I will remember for always. Every detail from the moment we walked into the experience until the very last moment of the ceremony was so carefully and thoughtfully created and guided in the most loving, intentional way. Ashley's pure heart, radiance and her innate gift for guiding ritual and ceremony becomes truly a magical, felt experience...beautiful beyond!

I also had the privilege of taking part in a private Tea Ceremony with Ashley. I went into it having no past experiences with tea ceremonies. I was amazed that the simple act of drinking tea with very little words exchanged could reveal so much and take me on a journey. Once again, Ashley was able to create a safe space that lent itself to a journey back to mySELF and an experience that was gentle and healing. 

It has been an honor and a privilege to have experienced the beauty and power of ceremony with a such a gifted teacher and guide."