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Intuitive Energetic Healing

Core Issue and Traumatic Memory Healing

Intuitive Energetic HealinG

With nearly two decades of working with psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, spiritual therapists, transpersonal counselors, and countless spiritual healers and guides- I have birthed and opened up to a style of spiritual healing that is unique to me.

My method of healing is spiritually guided, yet grounded and rooted in psychological processes that are safe and powerful. It is a unique formula based on what has worked best and has been most beneficial in my own personal healing journey.

The most powerful healing, in what I have observed, can occur when we are in a deeply relaxed or hypnotic state. Shamans call it trance or altered states. Neuroscientists call it theta state.

I lead us into theta state with the medicine of tea or the medicine of my drum.

Once in the theta state I am able to observe where you are holding stored memories in the energetic physical body. It is this place within the physical body where we are able to move into the subconscious, where we work together to reveal, feel and heal the emotional memory that has been stored in the energetic memory and contributing to any blocks, stagnation or looping limiting beliefs that you are coming up against in your life.

Each session is different and intuitively guided to best meet the needs of the individual client.

Working in this way may be deeply beneficial to you if you have been working on clearing an unresolved issue and need a deeper approach, are ready to transform and heal in a more spiritual and holistic way, or are in a place of desiring to know yourself in greater ways.

Each session offers deep and profound clarity, space around the lungs and heart, and a new sense of inner peace.

I don’t claim quick fixes. Although, I do thoroughly believe that healing in this way can be quick, life-changing, and always life-long.

What we do in our sessions together is working on a cellular level - unraveling and activating dormant energy that will support you in your ascension and awakening.

The level of depths we travel to are up to you and depend on your willingness to surrender, to trust, and to open to the great mysteries. It is also up to your level of commitment to your spiritual path.  

With any of my offerings, I suggest that you commit to at least 3 sessions. There are usually reading/writing assignments, meditations, or practices that I assign- they are not mandatory, but will be deeply supportive in the effects of the work we do together in-person.

Pricing for Intuitive Energetic HEALING and Clearing:

45 minutes (in-person/zoom/skype) /// $88

60 minutes (in-person/zoom/skype) /// $111

90 minutes w/tea (in-person only) /// $170

120 minutes w/tea (in-person only) /// $225

Commit to 4- 90 minute sessions for a discounted price of $600, and pay $150 at each appt.

Commit to 4- 120 minute sessions for a discounted price of $800, and pay $200 at each appt.

Sessions are completely confidential and offered in the purest of Light.
Sessions can be done in person or remotely by appointment.

“There are times on the Path that we can greatly benefit from assistance from others. In fact, these times are almost always! A true spiritual teacher, guide or healer has the same role- to connect you with conscious awareness to your own inner light so that you may come to realize the spiritual power, authority and beauty that you are in truth is the same spiritual power, authority and beauty you see and honor in them!” – Alana Fairchild