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Journey into the Light /// Women's Retreat

PLEASE NOTE /// This event has SOLD OUT. save the date for the next Awakening Woman retreat May 11-13th, 2018 in Parrish, Florida. 


*///*Transformational Rituals, Sacred Tea Ceremony, Kundalini Yoga, Connection to Earth Energy & Drum Jourmeys to Heal and Connect*///*

This is a weekend immersion intended to hold you in sacred space as you invite in the coming light of the shifting earths seasons. There will be daily ceremony and rituals to help you connect with both your own inner light and the light of the divine. 

We will be working with and attuning to the Energies of Mama Earth. Honoring and cultivating all of Her elements, but the main element that will be highlighted in our time together is Her Sacred Fire! 

We will be honoring the Maiden Goddess Brigid who holds the sacred flame, her sacred spark of inspiration. She is the Goddess of healing, transformation, poetry, smithcraft and more. We will be welcoming her into our circle and into our hearts to further support us as we journey into the Light! 

Celebrating Imbolc.
'Festival of Awakening Fire'
By Glennie Kindred

This is the celebration of the returning Fire of the Sun and the beginning of the outer growth phase. We become aware that the Earth is stirring. It is still cold but the first buds are beginning to show on the trees and Spring bulbs are pushing up through the Earth. Our acceptance of Winter is giving way to an urge to move forward into Springtime energy.

We can use this time to prepare for the changes ahead. Now is the time to bring out the wisdom and insights we have gained on the inner journey. Now is the time to express our creativity through art, craft, poetry and songs. These were seen in the past as a way of accessing our ancestral memory.

This is the time for initiation and healing, for reclaiming what has been lost, and seeking new ways forwards. It is a time for working with our intuition, with inspired leaps of understanding, and for expressing our deepest wishes, beliefs and feelings. Be open to communication from within, heed the signs and omens when you notice them and follow what has significance and meaning to you.

Imbolc is sacred to Love, to the young fertile force in all of us, to the quickening of new life and new beginnings. Imbolc reflects the stirring of the life force and the potency of action that is fired from within.

Cost to attend is $455 if paid by January 11th, 2018. $499 after.
Pricing includes:
- 2 nights, 3 days all inclusive dorm style accomidations (it is like sleep away camp for adults! SO FUN ♥)
- all meals and some snacks (vegan, veg, and gluten free)
-daily sacred tea ceremonies with rare tea from ancient old-growth trees
-daily Earth-based healing rituals to support you in journeying into the Light! (i.e.altar building, fire ritual, walk the sacred labryinth, drum journey)
-daily Kundalini Yoga based meditation
-daily journal cirlces and sisterhood sharing
-sacred gift
+++ so much more!!!