Spiritual Energy Healer, Clairvoyant  | St. Petersburg, Tampa FL

i believe in ME

ash smith

I believe in Me

I believe in my ability to respond in ways that are inspired and aligned with my intuitive knowing

I believe in the sincere depths, softness, and authenticity that is alive within the cauldron of my soul

I believe in my wisdom, my compassionate grace, and my Truth, which always, eventually, take merit over any moments of doubt

I believe in my worthiness- to walk away from people, places, and things that don't feel safe, supportive, or able to truly hold Me-to walk towards people, places, and things that are safe, supportive and truly able to hold Me.

I believe that it is okay, and absolutely necessary, that I expect my relationships to begin with and maintain a high level of effort and ease, mutual respect and honoring of boundaries, emotional maturity, availability, honesty and integrity! 

I believe that the quality of my connection and devotion to Spirit, the time I am spending in nature, and the loving nature of my thoughts are the only things that actually dictate my physical and overall sense of well being. 

I believe that I am loving and the my presence can heal.

I believe in the magnitude of my mission + that this mission is held and guided by the hands og Goddess. 

I believe in Me- in my Shine, in my storms, in my doubt, in my learning, in my wholeness, in my absolute knowing, in my human...

I believe in Me!