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The Turning of The Wheel - Beltane

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As a woman walking a Priestess Path, I am dedicated to serving the Earth to the best of my ability, and devoted to the Living essence of All that Is. It is a vital part of my practice to honor and celebrate the Wheel of the Year holidays and to create sacred space where women can gather and celebrate in ceremony with one another.

Following and celebrating life by the Wheel of the Year is an ancient and sacred way of honoring. As we invite this way of being into our lives, we can begin to attune to and embody the cycles of Goddess and Her great nature! This Earth-based calendar is divided into 8 holy days of celebrations occurring every six weeks and aligning with the energetic qualities of the Earth in all her cyclical change- birth, growth & abundance, decay, death, etc...

These eight seasonal Earth festivals have been passed down, woven and shared through the Celtic and Pagan traditions- coming from a time when ritual, community, and a  deep and felt sense of reverence and understanding of ourselves as “the living embodiment of the Goddess”, of ourselves as Earth, were alive within us.

Following the cycles of the wheel of the year is a way for us to experience and invite Goddess into our own lives. The Earth, is the body of the Goddess- and she expresses and reveals certain aspects of Herself to us through her seasons and their energies. Getting to know her and her cycles connects us to Her true nature, our own true nature, and to our ancient Selves- awakening within us deep memories of our pasts and allowing for more harmony within the present.

We are moving into the season of Beltane. Beltane is a time of celebration, passion, creativity, and sacred union. A time of balancing the divine and masculine qualities within Self. It is also known as the lover’s holiday, and is associated with sacred sexuality and pleasure.

“At Beltane, celebrate the power and potency of the Earth’s fertile force. This is the Great Fire festival of Spring’s height, a time to gather with friends around outdoor fires, traditionally to jump over the fire, leaving behind the old and activating the new. It is a time when manifestation is so potent we are able to perceive energy beyond our normal reality. Push and test your perception and boundaries. Be out on the land especially at dawn and dusk. Practice the art of being, becoming one with the eternal present, the Unity and infinite unconditional Web of Life.” - Glinnie Kindred

In the Avalonian tradition, during this season we honor Rhiannon, the Lover Goddess. Rhiannon has appeared to me on multiple occasions, always riding around me and the groups I am with bare-breasted on her white mare. Uninhibited, completely free and untamed.

She inspires within me a sense of open-heartedness to all things that are meant to uplift and bring true happiness. I feel a rush of energy move up my spine and out of my heart when I open up to Rhiannon. I also feel fierce, sassy, and playful. I have come to know her a little differently this year, as she is showing up in my work as an ally to support women (myself included) in healing from sexual traumas- to restore one aspect of the collective feminine wounding. The Wheel of the Year celebrations also gift us the opportunity to work with and come to know the Goddesses that govern each day. Through them, I am able to know myself and empower myself with their divine qualities, which are also a quality of Me that is waiting to come alive from within!

Moving through the Wheel of the Year in a conscious and intentional way allows us, like I shared before, to get in-tune with our natural rhythm, a rhythm that we, in this modern day, have grown so deeply disconnected from. It is painful when I sit and think about how disconnected we truly are, and how deep this disconnect goes within all of us, no matter how much we are holding the truth. The wounds and the disconnect, they are a web, coursing through the blood of the Earth, through the blood of our bodies, and through the energetic blood of our collective consciousness.

The more we do this work, the more we connect to Self, to Mother Earth, to the Ancient Ones, the more we can heal. I believe we have a lot of work to do, but I also believe that it is completely possible for us to transcend this widespread misunderstanding of what life is and how we have been taught to  live it. I believe that we can uplift one another into a state of reality where the true focus is on Love, working together, working with the Earth, healing the sick and needy, taking care of the animals, enjoying every single breath. I believe, I believe!

If you believe as well, or if you are just a little bit curious about all of this, I encourage you to take just 15 minutes from your normal routine and give this DIY ritual a try- feel free to reach out to me after you do, I LOVE hearing about your magical experiences <3

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I send many blessings and heartfelt love to you, on this day and all days. Blessed Be!